Kalimba 17 Key Solid Mahogany Finger Piano Piano with Tuning Hammer Study Instructions

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  •  Selected raw materials: mahogany wood resonance box, can adapt to temperature and humidity changes without deformation, to ensure sound stability; The sound is made of high quality steel, giving you a crisp and bouncy experience.
  • ★ High quality of handcrafted workmanship: by experienced instrument master, wood polishing, covers 3 layers of natural wax on the front, laser positioning for metal keys, to keep height and spacing consistent touches.
  • ★ The Voice of the Soul: Using the international standard C tone, this kalimba originated from the African percussion instrument which sounds calm, full of spirituality. The 5mm twin screw + 3mm conductive structure allows the metal to be solidly combined with the wooden base, greatly reducing the loss and dispersion of sound conduction, making the sound clear and clean.
  • ★ Suitable for a variety of practical scenarios: 17 keys, it meets the majority of music games, peeled, the sliding playing method is very easy to start, portable piano design, suitable for recording, party, family , school, outdoors and other occasions.

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