Prokitchen Egg Scrambler Shaker Whisk in Shell Golden Egg Maker - Mix and Scrambled Eggs Inside The Egg Shell

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  • EASY & FUN---- The egg scrambler is easy to make the golden egg without breaking the shell. It not only like a stress relief but also a great tool for some family fun!
  • EFFECTIVE---- This golden egg shaker will help you save time to clean a bowl and whisk! No egg on your fingers and no shell in the omelet. The effect is so amazing for using egg scrambler shaker!
  • INGENIOUS---- The hand-shaker is easy to assemble, dissemble and dishwasher safe. Pulled the rope and the machine started to spin, during which it will relax the hand muscle and make you or kids happy.
  • NUTRITIOUS---- The magical shaker is suitable for eggs of all shapes and sizes, great for eggs yolk and white perfectly mixed together. It is a interesting way to mix yolk and white inside egg shell, which will allay your concern that children and the old might choke when eating egg.

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